Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, to Him belong the endowments and proper commendations. May Allah increase the honor of Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, raise his rank, and protect his nation from what he fears for it.

Thereafter, it was said:

The first to enter Paradise is Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam. Prophet Muhammad will take the ring of the door of Paradise, which is used for knocking. The Prophet will move that ring and the angel of the door will say, “You are the one for whom I was ordered to open. Not anyone will enter before you.”

The nation of Prophet Muhammad is the first nation to enter Paradise. The first batch of Prophet Muhammad’s followers is made up of 70,000 Muslims who will enter Paradise without being questioned severely, or tortured. Their faces will be shining like the sun or the full moon. With every 1000 of these 70,000, 70,000 enter Paradise. This is 4,900,000. This is only part of the people of this nation who enter Paradise. The second group of 70,000 has faces shining like stars. They praise God. Two thirds of the people of Paradise will be from the nation of Prophet Muhammad and the other one third are from all the other nations.

Paradise is already prepared and existing. Paradise was created by God, Who Willed that it will not be demolished. Prophet Adam first lived in Paradise, and then went to Earth. Hence, we know that Paradise has been existent for a long time. On the night of the Night Journey and Ascension, Prophet Muhammad said, “I entered Paradise and saw that most of its inhabitants will be the poor believing people.” Paradise is above the seventh heaven. Paradise is not connected to the seventh heaven. Part of al-^Arsh is its ceiling.

Paradise has levels, with the highest level being Al-Firdaws. The rivers of Paradise spring from Firdaws. Four of them are rivers of water, milk, honey, and wine that does not intoxicate. These are not the only rivers of Paradise.

There are 100 levels of Paradise. The distance between each rank is like the distance between the Earth and the first heaven. Paradise is very wide. It is much wider than Hellfire. The Prophet said that there are a lot of gardens in Paradise. There are no ruins. In Paradise, there are two specific gardens. They have all the furniture and the containers that people need, all made of gold. There are two others with the things made of silver.

God gives some description of Paradise in Suratul-Ghashiyah. Some of this description is that Paradise has running water that does not get contaminated like the water on Earth. Paradise has places to sit, made of gold decorated with different types of jewels, such as rubies and emeralds. These seats are high, except when the people of Paradise come to sit on them. When the person wants to sit on them, the seat comes down to the person. The seat will then go high so that the people that sit on them will see the wonders of Paradise.

Paradise has goblets to drink from put next to the water. Paradise has pillows to lean comfortably against. Paradise has the finest carpets spread for the delight of the believers. Paradise has trees and every one has a trunk of gold.

The Prophet said that in Paradise is a very wide tree. If one spent 100 years riding a quick horse, one will not leave its shade. From that magnificent tree, the clothes of the people of Paradise come. When the trees of Paradise sway, they give a beautiful sound, much more beautiful than music. The people will love this sound.

Some people in Paradise will have such high chambers, that other people will point to their high chambers like we point to the stars of the sky. Each person in Paradise will have many servants who are delightful. The least person in Paradise will have 100,000 of these servants, carrying trays of gold and silver for serving. These servants are youths, who were not people of the Earth. They are very beautiful, like untouched pearls.

The buildings of Paradise are made from gold and silver bricks. The mortar for these bricks is musk, with a very strong fragrance. Some homes are one gigantic hollowed pearl, 60 miles high and wide. The pebbles of Paradise are all precious stones and pearls. The combs are of gold. The incense burners contain al-^Ud, the most expensive fragrance. The ^Ud of Paradise does not need fire in order to release a scent. The perspiration of the people of Paradise is musk. Instead of urine and defecation, this is released after eating and drinking.

The men of Paradise have at least two wives. They will be so beautiful and pure to the point that he can see the inside of the bones of their legs1. None of the people of Paradise dispute or hate each other. Their hearts are all like one heart, loving each other. Some men will have many more than two wives. The women have one husband and feel happy about that.

All people of Paradise will be at the age of 33 years2. No one is unmarried in Paradise. Even the small baby that dies after he is just born will be married in Paradise. There will be more women than men in Paradise. We know this because men will have more than one wife, and all the people will be married.

Some of the women in Paradise are called Hurul-^In, who are not descendants of Adam. They never lived on Earth, yet they will be suitable for men who lived on Earth. Their name means that the iris of their eye is very black and the white of their eye is very white. They have big, beautiful eyes. These women will be given as wives, in Paradise, to men who lived on this Earth.

If a married couple were Muslim, then they will be married in Paradise. The believing woman in Paradise, one who lived on this Earth with all the struggles, will have a much higher status in Paradise than the Hurul-^In. The wife in Paradise will not be jealous of the other wives. Everyone will be happy and satisfied and will have whatever their heart wishes for. They will not have children and will not wish to have children. They will never be tired, poor, or sad. The married couples have sexual intercourse in Paradise.

Paradise has animals that are all good animals, not nasty ones that bother people. The horses of Paradise fly.

The people of Paradise praise God with no difficulty, just like we take a breath in this life. The people of Paradise praise God, in the times that equate to the morning and the sunset; but there is no sun and there is no day and night. There is no darkness in Paradise. Paradise is full of light and is shining. There will be signs that let the people know when a day has passed instead of having a sunrise and sunset.

The women wear something covering their head that does not hide the beauty of their hair. If a piece of this material came to this Earth, the whole Earth would shine. If a part of the finger of this woman appeared in this life, it would illuminate all of it.

The people of Paradise have the form of their forefather, Adam, being tall, 60 cubits tall and seven cubits wide. They will all have beautiful shapes. They will not have the body hair that bothers people, but will have beautiful head hair and beautiful eyebrows. The men will not have beards.

There is no mucus to spit in Paradise; and no blowing of the nose; nor is there urinating or defecating. All the enjoyments of this life compared to the enjoyments of Paradise are like a trace of water on a dipped needle compared to the water of the ocean.

The last Muslims to get out of Hellfire will exit like a burnt black coal, except for the parts of their bodies that touched the ground in prostration. Then, those burnt Muslims will be immersed in a special river of water. When they come out of the river, they will be changed immediately to a very nice shape. Then they will enter Paradise.

We humbly ask Almighty Allah to grant us entrance into Paradise, enjoying its pleasures forever! O Allah, protect us from any torture in the Hereafter. O Allah, guide us and forgive our sins. We ask You for all of this, O Allah, by the status of our honorable Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of mercy! Ameen!

Praise and thanks to Allah Almighty, the Lord of the Worlds, the One Who does not have a son or any partner.

And Allah Knows best.

1A wise shaykh explained what this means by saying, “Have you ever seen a candle made of pure wax, while it is lit in the dark? You can see the light of the flame illuminating the wax and you can see the wick showing through that pure wax, due to the illumination.  It is something similar to this.  It is very beautiful.”

2This means that it is as if they are at the age of 33 years. Usually, the person’s strength is at its peak at this age.

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