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وَقُلْ رَبِّ زِدْنِي عِلْمًا 

Beliefs of the Muslims Bismillah, I start by the name of Allah and ask Allah to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad ameenKnowing the Islamic belief is among the most important matters in Islam. And when we say Islamic belief it means:

1. Talking about God, Allah, and his attributes. Ex: Allah is one, he has no partner in Godhood.

2. Defining the attributes of Allah and what befits and what does not befit Allah. Ex: Allah is attributed with perfection; He is powerful and Merciful. Allah is clear from imperfection; He does not need any of his creations, He does NOT get weak.

3. Talking about the Prophets of Allah an their attributes. Ex: All prophets of Allah came with Islam; From Adam to Muhammad, they all worshiped Allah.

4. Defining the attributes of the Prophets and what befits them and what does not befit them. Ex: All prophets were honest, brave, trustworthy slaves of Allah; Prophets do not commit blasphemy, major sins or mean sins.

They do not lie and they never disobey Allah. So, Allah is one he has no partner.

Allah created everything, and does not need any of his creations.

Allah sent prophets to spread the religion of Islam.

All prophets were Muslims.

Prophet do not disbelieve in Allah, they do not commit blasphemy, major sins or mean abject sins.

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