16 Questions about Fasting

1. Ingestion of food, water, sexual intercourse – for forgetting. As soon as one thinks of fasting, he is obliged to cease its position and continue.

2. Involuntary sperm output, such as wet-dream. This does not invalidate fasting.Masturbation does.

3. Touching up the eyes with antimony or instillation of drops in the eye. The eye drop does not invalidate the fast. Similarly, hypodermic, intramuscular, and intravenous injections do not invalidate fasting.

4. Phlebotomy, collecting blood for analysis or as a donor. The same goes for bleeding. This does not invalidate fasting.

5. Brushing your teeth miswak or toothbrush without toothpaste. This does not invalidate fasting.

6. Rinsing the nose and mouth rinse. This does not invalidate fasting as long as one does not swallow water.

7. Taking a shower, performing ablution, and swimming.  This does not invalidate fasting.

8. Involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke, dust or other, what is there is no complicity fasting. Smoking invalidates the fasting. But inhaling the smoke of a smoker or dust of the street, This does not invalidate fasting.

9. Treatment or tooth extraction without apparent swallowing of blood or drugs  This does not invalidate fasting.

10. Ingestion of nasal mucus. This does invalidate fasting according to Imam Shafi^iy. According to Hanafis it does not.

11. Vomiting in a small volume (involuntary vomiting and self-return of the vomit back into the stomach or the deliberate induction of vomiting without filling her mouth). Inducing vomit does invalidate fasting.

12. Ingestion of food remained between the teeth, if the total mass is not equal to a pea.

No, even if smaller then a pea whatever substance has a volume if swallowed, it invalidate fasting.

13. Injection into the muscle, a vein or under the skin, but only if medically necessary. This does not invalidate fasting.

14. Inhaling incense, even deliberate. This does not invalidate fasting.

15. Trying out food to taste without swallowing it. This does not invalidate fasting.

16. The use of ointments, iodine or green fodder for the disinfection or the healing of open wounds. This does not invalidate fasting.

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