Recomendations during Ramadan

Bismillah, praise be to Allah and may Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and his kind Aal and Companions,

Dear brothers, know that Ramadan is a month of blessing, mercy and goodness. It’s the month of helping others and connecting others. The month of Ramadan teaches us to be kind and generous to others, and feel with the poor and needy and help them if we are able and visit them for the sake of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta^ala.

Recommendations during Ramadan 

It is recommended (sunnah) to break ones fast quickly, after one is sure that the maghrib has begun. It is good to break one’s fast on dates, and if not available then by drinking water. As well, it is good to delay suhur meal until a time close to the dawn, but to stop eating before the dawn.

Refraining from backbiting or cursing a Muslim and other sins, and the like is more emphasized while fasting. In committing some of sins, the reward of one’s fasting might be lessened or lost, but it does not invalidate the fasting. If someone curses another, let him abstain from responding by a similar curse. Let him say, “I am fasting. I am fasting.”

Paying the optional charity to the poor, reciting the Qur’an, staying in the mosque with the intention of i^tikaf, especially during the last ten days of Ramadan, praying the tarawih prayer, and inviting others to break their fast on food which you provided are all rewardable acts.

The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity for the person to gain a lot of reward; reward earned because of performing this obligation in worship and obedience to Allah, and by performing a lot of the sunnah deeds. Let the person not waste his time during this month.

We ask Allah to accept our fasting and our prayers and good deeds, and Allah knows best.

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