The Description of Prophet Muhammad by Umm Ma^bad

In his Book, “^Uyunul-Athar,” Ibn Sayyidin-Nas mentioned: While immigrating to Madinah, Prophet

Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم was accompanied by Abu Bakr, ^Amir Ibn Fuhayrah, the slave of

Abu Bakr, and the son of Urayqit, who guided them on their way.

They passed by Umm Ma^bad from the tribe of Khuza^ah, who did not know them. The Prophet said to her: ‘O Umm Ma^bad, do you have milk?’ She said: ‘No, by Allah.’ He then saw a female sheep at the end of the house and asked her about it. She said that it was an old sheep and did not produce milk anymore. With the permission of Umm Ma^bad, the Prophet passed his hand over the back and udder of the sheep. Then he asked for a container. He milked the sheep and filled the container. Then he gave the milk to his Companions to drink. He milked the sheep again to fill the container for Umm Ma^bad and he left.

Later, upon his return, Umm Ma^bad’s husband asked her: O Umm Ma^bad, What is this milk when there is no milking sheep in the house and the rest of the sheep were away?  She said: ‘No, by Allah. However, there passed by us:

1. A man with obvious beauty and cleanliness,

2. a glowing countenance,

3. and a good appearance/disposition;

4. with no bulging stomach disgracing him,

5. or a small head disparaging him;

6. is overtly handsome

7. and wholly beautiful;

8. his eyes are wide and very white and black

9. and eyelashes are long;

10. whose voice is devoid of hoarseness,

11. neck is long,

12. and beard is full;

13. the white part of whose eyes is extremely white, and the black part of whose eyes is  extremely black,

14. as if his eyelids have kohl naturally;

15. whose eyebrows arch longitudinally and thinly

16. (as if they) meet;

17. who has an extremely black hair;

18. who is stately when silent

19. and is gorgeous when speaking;

20. who is the most beautiful and striking man from far and the best and most beautiful from close;

21. whose speech is sweet, clear, and decisive,

22. neither vaguely short, nor boringly and pointlessly long;

23. whose words flow forth like a perfect string of pearls;

24. of medium height

25. that neither elicits contempt to avert him for shortness, nor aversion to him for excessive tallness;

26. who is a branch between two branches ; he is the most radiant of the three and the most well-respected;

27. whose companions surround him; when he speaks they listen attentively to his speech, and when he ommands they vie with each other to fulfill his commands.

28. who is well served and attended,

29. who is neither a scowler

30. nor a prattler.

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