Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad Praised in al-Qur’an

Uniqueness of the Prophet, ﷺ

Allah raised the rank of the Prophet, Peace and blessings be upon him ﷺ, in all aspects.

Allah’s Protection

Allah saved him from his enemies and was his Protector, as sooratul Baqarah 137 means.

Allah protected the Prophet’s body and his various states because Allah takes care of him, as sooratut Toor 48 means.


Allah strengthened the Prophet’s heart and made the Prophet, ﷺ, aware of what his heart has seen, as sooratun Najm 11 has mentioned.

The Prophet, ﷺ, saw Allah twice by his heart (not by his eyes) without Allah being a body, or in place or in a direction. He saw the One Who is not similar to anything without Allah being light or dark, moving or at rest, tall or short, going or coming or similar to anything. Whatever you imagine in your mind, Allah is different from that.

Allah’s Giving

Allah takes care of the Prophet, ﷺ. When the Prophet’s eyes sleep his heart remains awake. Allah also provides him with food and drink, as sooratud Duhaa 3 has shown.


Allah assigned the mighty Jibreel to teach him, as sooratun Najm 5 has indicated.

Allah empowered the Prophet, ﷺ, to memorize Qur’an, as sooratul Qiyaamah 16-17 has stated.

The Prophet, ﷺ, does not compose or say Qur’an out of his own, as mentioned in sooratun Najm 2.


Allah protected the Prophet, ﷺ, from forgetting Qur’an, as sooratul A`laa 6 means.


Allah purified the Porphet’s speech and the Prophet, ﷺ, does not speak out of whim but his talk is revelation (whether Qur’an or Hadith), as sooratun Najm 3-4 mean.


Allah filled the Prophet’s heart with wisdom and knowledge, as sooratul Inshiraah 1 has stated.


Allah guided the Prophet’s sight, as sooratun Najm 17 means. Allah praised he Prophet’s sight, as mentioned in soorat Qaaf 22.


Allah guided the Prophet’s hand and made his throwing successful on target, as mentioned in sooratul Anfaal 17.


Allah praised the greatness of the Prophet’s manners and good conduct, as sooratul Qalam 4 has stated.

Allah granted the Prophet, ﷺ, high unmatched morality and perfect manners, as soorat Aal `Imraan 159 has shown.

Allah praised the Prophet’s gentleness in soorat Aal `Imraan 159.

He is the Guiding Light

Allah called the Prophet, ﷺ, the Lightening Lantern because people are guided by him as the lantern shines in darkness, as stated in sooratul Ahzaab 46.

He Superseded the Prophets

Allah granted the Prophet, ﷺ, all the good attributes of the Prophets before him, as sooratul An`aam 90 has mentioned.

His Message is Mercy

Allah specified the Prophet, ﷺ, to be the mercy granted to humans and jinn, as sooratul Anbiyaa’ 107 has pointed out.

Global Message

Allah sent the Prophet, ﷺ, to the human and jinn, as soorat Saba’ 28 and sooratul A`raaf 158 have mentioned. This is unlike other Prophets who were sent each to his specified people.

Grand Intercession

Allah will give the Prophet, ﷺ, the Grand Intercession, which no Prophet or angel will be granted, as mentioned in sooratul Israa’ 79.


Allah will give the Prophet, ﷺ, in the Hereafter what make the Prophet satisfied and pleased, as mentioned in sooratud Duhaa 5.

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