After Prophet Moses died, God chose Prophet Joshua (Yusha^ Ibn Nun) as a Prophet. It is said that he was from the children of Prophet Joseph (Yusuf).

When Joshua was young, he was the man that accompanied Prophet Moses when he went to find Prophet Al-Khadir.

Later Prophet Moses had asked Joshua to go ahead of them to fight the unjust blasphemous people. Joshua went into Jericho (Ariha) and killed the unjust tyrants there. Those tyrants were from the children of Sam, but were not Arabs.

Joshua killed some, but some of them remained and it was close to the time for the sun to set. Prophet Joshua asked God to hold back the sun from setting. God answered his supplication and the sun was held from setting until he killed them all. Prophet Joshua managed the children of Israel until his own death, after the death of Prophet Moses. He was not a Messenger, but was a Prophet ruling with the Torah.

The grave of Prophet Joshua is probably the grave located on a small mountain outside of Tripoli of Lebanon. The mountain is called Mt. Turbul in a town called al-Minyah. People claim that Prophet Joshua is buried in other locations as well, but this location is the one that the scholars said was the most probable location of his grave.

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