There was once a waliyy who was captured and imprisoned. His enemies wanted to kill him, so they starved a lion for a long time. Make note: When a lion is hungry, it may even eat its own offspring. So, they let this hungry lion loose in the place where the waliyy was being held. The lion approached the waliyy and all it did was lick him. When his enemies saw this, they did not want to kill him anymore. They released him and asked him, “What were you thinking when that lion was licking you?” He replied, “I was thinking what the scholars said about the saliva of the lion.” This is what you call — Cool Nerves.

Another case of cool nerves is when Shaykh ^Abdul-Qadir Al-Jilani was giving a lesson. A snake entered into his sleeves and the shaykh did not tremble at all — neither inwardly nor outwardly. This snake was, in fact, a jinn that was trying to test the nerves of the shaykh. However, he did not fear the jinn, but they feared him. This is why he was known as “The Sultan of the Jinn.”

And Allaah Knows best.

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